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About Pretty Sun

Guangdong Prettysun Optoelectronic CO.,Ltd. was established in 1987. After 30 years of development, it has become one of the leading enterprises in the display and display industry in China. It is an important member of the Global SHOP Association (Global Retail Association). In major cities in China and in many countries around the world, they have marketing companies or cooperative branches, and they are the designated suppliers of numerous international brands' terminal display and display products.
Company is a national high-tech enterprise, is committed to advancing the terminal display industry intelligent application of technology innovation, has obtained a patent for invention, utility model patents, patent of appearance design, etc. A total of nearly 120 national patent certificate. The headquarters building and 42,000 square meters of modern production bases will be set up in foshan, guangdong province

Reasons for choosing PRETTYSUN

Large-scale intelligent terminal mass production advantages;
30 years of terminal intelligent success experience and 120 patented technologies;
Has an innovative team and an excellent team that has been familiar with retail terminal process technology for 30 years.

Pretty sun Culture

- Business goals: To create the world's top intelligent terminal service providers;
- Corporate Vision: Helping customers become international brands;
- Corporate purpose: To create more brand value for customers;
- Corporate mission: to promote the continuous innovation of smart terminal application technology;
- Enterprise positioning: Integrated service solution for intelligent terminal integrated solutions;
- Corporate spirit: Collaboration, innovation, pragmatism, and efficiency;
- Corporate strategy: Leading the industry with technology and creating value for customers with services;
- Quality concept: scientific rigorous, continuous innovation; high quality and efficiency, ingenuity;
- The concept of talented people: Both ability and morality are important, and morality is the main factor; promotion depends on performance, and it must be eliminated at the end.


Marketing concept
Ingenuity to create a professional, the details determine the success or failure, attitude and achievement perfect!

Pretty Sun Ingenuity
Pretty Sun,With the heart of a craftsman, we continue to provide customers with more perfect services. In our view, the high degree of adherence to the smart terminal business is ingenuity and focus. It is ingeniously humble and introspective to constantly request higher service. It is in awe of ingenuity to provide more refined services with awe. And into the soul.
International platform advantage
The company's export business covers the world, accounting for 40% of the company's total sales. It has established marketing companies or cooperative branches in North America, Europe, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, and maintains high growth of more than 35% annually.
Increasing domestic market share
The company has Foshan center and its sales area covers major cities in China. It has successively established wholly-owned subsidiaries based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chongqing to continuously increase its market share in the domestic market.

Pretty Sun Service

Make service value for the brand
In order to achieve the customer's brand, Japan and the United States set up an independent after-sales service team.
Respectively provide customers with sincere, professional, and rapid systematic after-sales service from the three aspects of pre-sale, sales, and after-sale.
Pre-sale: use consulting 
Selling: use guide, technical support
After sales: rapid processing
Full-value chain marketing service system


Technical excellence

Make reality more creative
R & D results
Since its inception, it has been committed to the continuous innovation of intelligent terminal application technology. Now we have 120 national patent certificates such as invention patents, utility model patents and design patents.
Professional technical team
After 30 years of technology precipitation, we have developed more terminal integration solutions for the needs of different customers in different industries, allowing creativity to become a reality, making reality more creative, and creating value-added solutions and services that are more suitable for the brand.

Persistence and gain, commitment and responsibility

An important member of Global SHOH! Association (Global Retail Association)
In the past 30 years, we have been persisting in creating more brand values for our customers and have achieved a variety of achievements and honours. The trust and unreserved support that society, industry, and partners have always provided will continue to inspire us to put forward higher requirements for service and quality, and spur us to continue to advance the development of intelligent terminal businesses. , Let us work together to create a gorgeous new chapter.
How big is the ability and how much responsibility there is. Faced with the customer's needs and expectations, but also because of the pursuit of intelligent terminal application innovation, Japan and the United States know the significance of responsibility. Facing the development opportunities and challenges of the smart terminal business, it is also because of its commitment to the business of smart terminals.


Production system
Mature technology support is the first guarantee of brand image
Leading scale production base
Japan-US Optoelectronics now has an area of 42,000 square meters of production base, has more than 400 employees, including college education accounted for 30%. Established a mature technology team that combines creative R&D and creative production to ensure a good image of the customer's brand in the terminal 
Make creativity a reality
1 Center: Engineering Technology Center
3 large warehouses: raw material warehouse, semi-finished product warehouse, finished product warehouse
6 large workshops: blanking workshop, plastic workshop, silk screen workshop, wooden workshop, hardware workshop, finished assembly workshop;

Quality system
Fine management, perfect detection
Quality policy
Take preventive strategic management to ensure the superiority of talents and technology, and lead the same industry to develop in the direction of high performance, high quality and intelligence, and contribute to the sustainable development of mankind and the earth and for a better tomorrow.
Constantly improve and innovate continuously
Continuously improve and innovate, establish long-term good partnerships with the most efficient professional services, the fastest delivery time, the most stable quality, and outstanding companies in different fields.


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